We are the Nordic hub of

The strongest global network of leading independent health creative agencies

Our unique model includes 22 agencies, each bringing a deep understanding of local regulatory issues, legal mandates, and cultural insights that only a native can deliver.

LLC network founded in 2004

22 collaborative agencies with world-class talent (>650) dedicated to health

Deploy and integrate local assets to optimize global brand strategy, creativity, local execution, and performance

Nimble, client-centric, value model engages entrepreneurial talent operating under the highest standards

Our multilocal—rather than multinational—approach means clients get the high level of performance, innovation, and scale of a global network with the agile, entrepreneurial, and collaborative spirit of an independent alliance. In other words, the best of both worlds.




Global and local market/category experience


Medical and Operational Excellence

We appreciate the importance of distilling high science into actionable insights



Proven expertise in anticipating challenges and capitalizing on opportunities



Track record of innovative approaches to help brands succeed

“A network that more effectively pulls through to local markets in comparison to your competition. Your ‘tightness and realness’ as a global network is part of what truly differentiates you. A model that sets a new benchmark for ease of doing business.”

BMS Global Procurement Director

Our office in Gothenburg

Storgatan 4, 411 24 Göteborg